We are building the next-gen marketplace for software !
platform will be decentralized & specialized for software.
Join us and be part of the adventure.

Our 4 keywords


We provide feedback tools to the community and always listen for their choices.


We constantly provide all available information to our community improving feedbacks quality.


You can expect the team to do its best. We also provide proofs of security through locked tokens.


We are using the latest technology tools to provide you the best next-gen platform.

Build through the blockchain

We are building a next-gen platform with trendy new technology.

We are using the blockchain to improve the platform transparency.

Development culture:
We are going to enhance agile & iterative development. With our platform, software team will be closer to their customers.

A market place for everyone

We are building the platform for experts and neophytes.

Made for users:
The user-friendliness of the platform is an important factor, anyone needs to be able to use it. The software search will be as simple as possible but with a deepness for experts.

Made for software teams:
The software team will have automatic data analysis on their feedbacks and licences.

Your security is our top priority

We are considering the security of :

Our investors:
the tokenomics is designed to support the price and mid-term and long-term investors bags.

Our users:
the platform will have security by design. Our code will be open source to allow our community to find any potential issue.